Season 2 Smeagol’s Farts Episode 101 Nerd Rage Radio

August 3, 2017
Nerd Rage Radio 

episode 101
How Was Your Nerd Week?!
Some Say This Movie Has "It."
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Empty Seats
Aliens, Robots & Apes
Stargate Origins... We Know What They'll Do With The "O"
Every time There's A Poorly Assembled Trailer, An Angel Gets His Wings
Hope They Go To A Better Show World This Time
I Wonder If It Will Be Shaped Like All His Other Monsters
I Don't Know What It Is, But I Like It
Michael Jackson Plays While Young Boys Run Around Terrified... Great Choice...
Not Sure About Putting My Quarter On The Ledge For This One
Let's Make Sole Noise For Blumhouse Goddamnit 
All The Kings Horsemen And All The Kings Men Couldn't Make Bobby Like A Spy Movie With Gadgets 
But Can His Charm Save Him From Himself?
Black Lions Matter
Dude, That's Totally Wizard
Marvelous Drama
A Fantastic 4 Movie By Any Other Name Is Still A Fantastic Four Movie
Gambit Movie Is Definitely (NOT) Happening
Fox X-Universe Becomes EVEN MORE Convoluted
More Like Inhumane... amiright
Netflix Gets Defensive
Marvel Skrullface 
More Like RagnaROCK... ok I'll stop
Super Secret Infinity War Trailer
Superman Gets His Balls Back
Young Justice Outsiders
A Suicide Squad Movie That Won't Suck
More Silly Things From Fox
This Teaser Is Out Of This World
Maybe Our Valentines Predictions Were Correct
Shazam! No Rock
Sign Me Up For This In A Flash
Rumors Hit Their Flashpoint
I Wonder If This Woman Will Get An Oscar
Snide Rumors In The DCEU
Star Wars Hour
Force Awakens Deleted Scenes
You Old Smoothie
Episode 8 Scroll
Will She Raise His X-Wing? (So To Speak)
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